Nacero Inc. announced plans today to build a $6 billion manufacturing facility in Luzerne County, making it the single biggest economic investment in the county’s history.

The production plant will be used to take natural gas and renewable natural gas and convert it into gasoline. The massive facility is to be located in Newport Township and Nanticoke on the site of a former coal mine, and will bring thousands of jobs to the area. Upon completion, the plant will produce tens of thousands of barrels of low- and zero-lifecycle carbon footprint gasoline every day.

Based in Houston, Texas, Nacero Inc. specializes in taking natural and renewable natural gas and converting it to new gasoline, eschewing the use of crude oil, which has been used in the past and which produces more harm to the environment than the method that will be used in Luzerne County.

Of the plans to build the facility, Senator Marty Flynn (D-Lackawanna/Luzerne/Monroe) said:

“This is exactly the kind of economic boost Northeast Pennsylvania needs. A plant like this just makes sense in our area, given our storied history of industry, energy, and production. It’s appropriate that it will be located on the site of an old coal mine – that’s where this area gained its hard-working, blue-collar reputation, and it’s what made us a prosperous city in the past. I’m happy that we can do all of this – providing jobs for thousands of people, giving a nice economic boost for our local businesses – while looking to the future, too, as this new method of producing gasoline is much better for the environment than how it was done in the past.”