Earlier today, the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority (PENNVEST) approved a $2,326,900 loan to the Lackawanna River Basin Sewer Authority for the rehabilitation and removal of an aged wastewater pump. The pump, located in Vandling, is currently the cause of raw sewage overflow and discharge, which poses health and environmental risks which this project will alleviate. According to the Sewer Authority, the goal is to eliminate the overflow point by diverting it to a Clinton Township wastewater treatment plant and constructing 6,500 feet of 15- to 24-inch gravity interceptor sewer. As a result, it will stop the source of the sewage from affecting a high-quality, cold-water fishery, and will reduce pollution to a nearby stream. In addition, it will significantly decrease operation and maintenance costs at the pump station and offer significant energy savings. Once completed, it will eliminate the health risks the wastewater pump currently causes, directing all flows to a treatment facility and preventing untreated sewage from entering a public waterhouse.