JUNE 8, 2022 – HARRISBURG – Today, Senator Marty Flynn (D-Lackawanna/Luzerne/Monroe) announced $2,003,461 in state funding through the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD) to be awarded to Pennsylvania’s 22nd Senatorial District.

“I’m very happy that the PCCD made this sizable and necessary investment in Northeast Pennsylvania. This funding will be used in a variety of areas – mental health resources, child advocacy centers, treatment programs, and more,” Senator Flynn said, “all with the express purpose of addressing some of the most important issues facing our communities.”

The grant applications were submitted to and reviewed by the PCCD’s Children’s Advocacy Center Advisory Committee (CACAC), which advises the Commission on the development and promotion of programs and projects related to children’s advocacy centers and multidisciplinary investigative teams; the County Adult Probation and Parole Advisory Committee (CAPPAC), which serves in an advisory capacity to the PCCD and develops funding plans for county adult probation and parole departments; and the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Committee (JJDPC), the official juvenile justice planning, coordinating, and policy-setting body for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The grants awarded to Senator Flynn’s district are:

CACAC Endowment Act Funds

  • Children’s Advocacy Center of Northeastern Pennsylvania (for medical services for child abuse victims in NEPA) – $99,995
  • Children’s Advocacy Center of Northeastern Pennsylvania (for medical services for child victims of sexual abuse) – $99,995
  • Children’s Advocacy Center of Northeastern Pennsylvania (CAC/NEPA Project Safe and Smart) – $258,201
  • Luzerne County Child Advocacy Center (Intake Coordinator position) – $99,962

CAPPAC 2022-2023 Intermediate Punishment Treatment Funds

  • Lackawanna County Commissioners (for 2022-2033 Intermediate Punishment Treatment programs) – $419,996
  • Luzerne County Chief Executive Officer (for Luzerne County IP Treatment Program) – $135,000

CAPPAC County Adult Probation and Parole Funds

  • Lackawanna County – $255,352
  • Luzerne County – $314,160
  • Monroe County – $170,800

JJDPC State Violence and Delinquency Prevention Funds

  • Children’s Advocacy Center of Northeastern Pennsylvania (for mental health services for youth in NEPA) – $150,000

The PCCD provides leadership in system-wide coordination and in building collaboration among public servants and private citizens representing all aspects of the criminal and juvenile justice systems and victim services by initiating and financially supporting justice-related programs put forth by practitioners and experts in the justice system.